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Holiday 2023 CDI Scenario Discussion

By Staff | November 14, 2023
UASI CDI Scenario Holiday Edition 2023

Topic: Managing Winter Blues & Holiday Stress The holiday season can be a time of great joy, and for many, great stress. The presence of gloomier weather, time change due to the end of daylight savings, and overall increase in demands and obligations further contribute to feelings of stress, depression, and seasonal affective disorder. Winter/Seasonal… Read More »Holiday 2023 CDI Scenario Discussion

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Bi-Weekly RA/HCC V28 Changes Discussion

By Kathryn DeVault | November 14, 2023
Sample Neoplasm Disease Group 5 HCC Changes

In this week’s RA/HCC discussion, we are looking at a few of the HCC modification changes.  As previously discussed, the HCC changes are extensive and the information provided below are just a few examples of these V28 changes. Neoplasm Disease Group Liver Disease Group Blood Disease Group Cognitive Disease Group Substance Use Disorder Disease Group… Read More »Bi-Weekly RA/HCC V28 Changes Discussion

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2024 ICD-10-DRG Updates

By Natalie Sartori | November 14, 2023

To round up our other ICD-10 update guides, the team has pulled together a guide for the DRG updates for 2024. In this guide you’ll find:

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Monthly CDI Scenario Discussion – November 2023

By Staff | November 7, 2023

Topic: Adverse Reactions to Drugs & Toxins/Poisoning/Underdosing/Toxic Effects Common definitions for this discussion: Provider documentation needs to be clear whether a drug was taken as directed or improperly administered to determine an adverse effect vs. poisoning. For example, a patient with a GI bleed due to Coumadin therapy would need clarification if the Coumadin was… Read More »Monthly CDI Scenario Discussion – November 2023

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ICD-11 Monthly – October 2023

By Mary Stanfill | October 31, 2023

Comparing Codes Across ICD Versions: Heart Failure In this month’s ICD-11 deep dive, UASI’s Mary Stanfill continues to examine the differences between ICD-10 and ICD-11 to get a feel for how these changes will impact day-to-day coding. The WHO ICD-11 classification is very different from the 10th version that the United States modified to create… Read More »ICD-11 Monthly – October 2023

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FY 2024 MS-DRG Changes

By Kathryn DeVault | October 24, 2023

Unlike 2023 with no new MS-DRG, the FY2024 changes include 15 new MS-DRGs, found in MDCs 04, 05 and 06.  These MS-DRGs include: Notable items in these new MS-DRGs include: The FY2024 IPPS final rule home page can be found at: FY 2024 IPPS Final Rule Home Page | CMS

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Continued Discussion Surrounding RA/HCC V28 Changes

By Kathryn DeVault | October 24, 2023

Let’s continue the discussion surrounding the RA/HCC V28 changes which are effective January 1, 2024.  First, a reminder that the underlying concept of RA/HCCs does not change with the 2024 update.  CMS’s risk adjustment model is designed to properly recognize each patient’s disease burden and estimate future health care cost for beneficiaries.  In this prospective… Read More »Continued Discussion Surrounding RA/HCC V28 Changes

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ICD-10-PCS 2024 Updates

By Natalie Sartori | October 19, 2023

The UASI team has pulled together ICD-10-PCS updates for 2024. These are in addition to the ICD-10-CM updates posted earlier this month. In this guide you’ll find:

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