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HCC/Risk-Based Solutions

Get Visibility. Optimize Workflow. Improve RAF Scores.

The move to value-based care is a challenging one for most health systems as it involves working differently.  We can help you get started with the people, processes and technology needed for success.  Achieving success with value-based care is a marathon, not a sprint.  Our measured approach can get you started to gain an ROI quickly and expand as the value is achieved.

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Ensuring that chronic health conditions are appropriately documented every year can have a significant impact on reimbursement. Lack of data, tools and reliance on manual processes make addressing this opportunity a challenge. We can help prioritize the patients and providers with the greatest opportunity for improvement so that you can achieve the quickest ROI and ensure compliance, while improving patient care.

UASI Understands These Challenges


Data Analysis


Establish a Program

RAF Vue™️

RAF Vue™️

RAF Vue™️ automatically analyzes your patient claims to identify your risk- based population, generates accurate RAF scores, and enables a workflow to capture relevant chronic conditions and provides transparency among departments and key stakeholders.

RAF Vue™️ at a Glance

Instant insights into chronic code capture and recapture opportunities

Quickly surface patients with the greatest treatment and financial impacts through a centralized, patient-level view

Automatically calculate reported and potential RAF scores

Generates reporting at the patient, provider, and reviewer level

Achieve immediate go-live without EMR integration

Combine RAF Vue with our expert resources in a services model to jump start your program and optimize results.

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