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7 ways to engage your remote HIM employees (part two)

Last week we posted Part 1 of this blog that covered our first 3 tips on how to engage your remote HIM employees.  Hopefully, you’ve implemented at least one of those tips.  Now for Part 2 with the additional 4 tips:

4. Share good news with the team when someone is successful or gets a compliment from a client – this way the whole team can share in the success and appreciate the fact that they are working with smart, successful teammates.  You can even set up a system to allow staff to nominate each other for great work
or achievements for anyone in the company.

  • At UASI, we have our Values-In-Action program where our associates nominate one another for demonstrating our values.  It brings energy to our day when those nominations get recognized and reinforces the values of the organization at the same time.  It’s not only a proud moment for a person when he/she is recognized, but those nominating get satisfaction from it as well.

5. Conduct remote social activities.  Some successes we’ve had are creating a social media “breakroom” for
staff only, creating holiday cookbooks or even gift exchanges where you can celebrate together virtually. 
Remote gift exchanges do take a little coordination, but how fun is it to get a “surprise” in the mail?

6. Invite individuals to participate in health-related challenges, such as step challenges, mindfulness
meditation or some type of self-care.  These are important because let’s face it, we sit all day.  If we can
help our teams stay active, they will be healthier and happier.

  • At UASI we frequently have these types of challenges frequently with incentives to participate.  In addition, one of our senior leaders conducts a weekly mindfulness mediation session.  It’s a great way to break up the day and feel energized for the rest of the week.

Always, always encourage staff to share ideas, issues and solutions. Your employees have the bird’s eye view of their jobs and many have great insight and suggestions on ways to improve processes or tools.  At UASI we do this regularly in our team meetings, but we also have a corporate Innovation Program where anyone can submit ideas for improvement.  These ideas are evaluated by a small committee on a regular basis and then the person submitting gets feedback on the idea.  If we decide to pursue the idea, many times the submitter participates in crafting the solution.  If we decide to not take action at the moment, the submitter is given the rationale.  In this way, everyone knows their ideas are valued whether or not we decide to implement them.

Your people are what make your company great.   Working remotely can be lonely and people can feel isolated so it is important to ensure you have a good engagement program in place.  Keep it up or get one or more of these started.  Today.  Don’t delay.