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UASI Experts to Present “Compliance Risks Associated with DRG Mismatches” at AHIMA 2018

The American Health Information Management Association’s (AHIMA) 2018 gathering is coming soon and among the hot topics to be discussed this year are diagnostic related group (DRG) mismatches and the negative revenue pressures resulting from them. Mary Stanfill, UASI’s VP of HIM consulting, and our HIM consulting manager, Kathy DeVault, have developed an engaging, interactive discussion of these issues, which they’ll present at AHIMA 2018. “Compliance Risks Associated with DRG Mismatches” is scheduled for Saturday, September 22, from 3:00 to 4:00 pm.

DRG mismatches and their implications for your hospital’s revenue stream.

Although they’re not a new challenge for providers, many organizations now report that DRG mismatch errors are (in the wake of ICD-10 implementation) once again on the rise.

Unfortunately, hospitals and provider groups don’t have time to adjust to revised coding structures.

As performance- and merit-based reimbursement models (and their often stiff penalties) become the norm, and timelines and margins become increasingly compressed, healthcare organizations face a critical need to get their DRG reporting right the first time and every time.

That’s led many hospitals and health systems to revisit their DRG reconciliation processes and re-focus them to meet concurrently emerging clinical documentation improvement (CDI) needs. In fact, many healthcare leaders now view DRG reconciliation as a CDI best practice.

“Compliance Risks Associated with DRG Mismatches”

Stanfill and DeVault’s talk will focus on the factors that impact DRGs — documentation issues, grouper logic issues, use of both ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS — and outline effective operational and financial strategies to manage DRG mismatches.

Our co-presenters will review the ways in which each step in DRG assignment represents a crucial piece of your compliant revenue cycle process.

They’ll explore the process of monitoring DRG mismatches and demonstrate how costly errors can be prevented through collaborative CDI and coding best practices.

Specifically, attendees will learn how to:

  • Review diagnoses (principal and secondary) and procedures that impact DRG assignment
  • Review DRG grouper logic
  • Identify compliant strategies for monitoring and managing DRG mismatches
  • Analyze the operational and financial implications of DRG mismatches

Stop By UASI’s booth (#513) during AHIMA 2018

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