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UASI Ranks #1 for Outsourced Coding in 2022 by KLAS Research

By Matt Hare / February 8, 2022
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UASI received the number one ranking for Outsourced Coding in the 2022 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report. The Best in KLAS report recognizes software and services companies who excel in helping healthcare professionals improve patient care. All rankings are a result of direct feedback from healthcare providers over the last year.

7 ways to engage your remote HIM employees (part two)

By Staff / March 19, 2024

Last week we posted Part 1 of this blog that covered our first 3 tips on how to engage your remote HIM employees.  Hopefully, you’ve implemented at least one of those tips.  Now for Part 2 with the additional 4 tips: 4. Share good news with the team when someone is successful or gets a… Read More »7 ways to engage your remote HIM employees (part two)

7 ways to engage your remote HIM employees (part one)

By Staff / March 12, 2024

It’s not new news that work as we knew it has changed dramatically over the past few years with more employees working remotely than ever before.  While this is a newer phenomenon for many HIM employees, at UASI we’ve been working this way for over 20 years. In order to recruit and retain the best… Read More »7 ways to engage your remote HIM employees (part one)

CDI Tip: Pediatric Respiratory Failure

By Staff / March 12, 2024

Diagnostic Criteria for Acute Respiratory Failure in Pediatric Patients Provider documentation often describes the patient’s symptoms and assessment without stating the words “acute respiratory failure.” If clinical indicators support the presence of acute respiratory failure, a query should be sent. Providers frequently use templated notes that are copied/pasted into subsequent notes. This is a great… Read More »CDI Tip: Pediatric Respiratory Failure

Diagnosis Coding for Neoplasms

By Mycah Faison / March 6, 2024

The accurate classification and documentation of diseases are key, especially in the case of neoplasms. The importance of precise diagnosis coding cannot be overstated. With advancements in medical knowledge and technology, understanding the intricacies is crucial for healthcare professionals striving to provide optimal care for their patients.

2024 Evaluation & Management Updates

By Natalie Sartori / February 23, 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape of healthcare continues to evolve, with Medicare introducing significant updates in evaluation and management (E/M) coding. Among the most notable changes is the introduction of new care management codes, promising to streamline and enhance the delivery of patient care for Medicare beneficiaries.

Melissa Koehler

By Mycah Faison / February 9, 2024

After spending a year working on nursing pre-requisite courses, I quickly figured out that face-to-face patient care was not for me but was still interested in healthcare.  I stumbled upon an opportunity to learn medical coding “on the job” and almost 30 years later, it has worked out well. I have worked for a variety… Read More »Melissa Koehler

coding Tip - CPT Updates

2024 CPT Update Guide

By Natalie Sartori / January 10, 2024

2024 brings significant CPT code revisions. This guide will identify important guidelines & parenthetical note additions & revisions. We’ll review anatomy & other pertinent clinical information important to understanding the new CPT codes. Important note – due to significant code changes & guideline revisions, a module published in January will provide a more thorough &… Read More »2024 CPT Update Guide

NCCI Policy header

2024 NCCI Policy Manual for Medicare Services

By Marcy Blitch / January 9, 2024

CMS updates the NCCI  Policy Manual for Medicare Services once a year. This is a general reference tool that the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) use to explain the rationale for NCCI edits. The most current policy manual is effective January 1, 2024. Note additions and revisions are noted in red font. CPT and HCPCS code… Read More »2024 NCCI Policy Manual for Medicare Services

CPT Blog 3 Header

2024 CPT Blog: Part 3

By Natalie Sartori / January 5, 2024

2024 CPT TRFA Updates We continue our deep dive into the 2024 CPT changes this week with updates to the codes for Transcervical Radiofrequency Ablation of Uterine Fibroids (TRFA). Category III code 0404T Transcervical uterine fibroid(s) ablation with ultrasound guidance, RF has been deleted and a new Category I code 58580 has been created for… Read More »2024 CPT Blog: Part 3

Coding Tip SDOH

Social Determinants of Health

By Marcy Blitch / January 2, 2024

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are the non-medical factors that influence health outcomes. Providers can receive additional reimbursement when they document and address those SDOH that impact a patient’s treatment. CMS finalized coverage of HCPCS code G0136 (administration of a standardized, evidence-based SDOH risk assessment tool, 5-15 minutes) beginning January 1, 2024, In order to report G0136… Read More »Social Determinants of Health