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Where are you in managing your risk-adjusted population?

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White Papers:

HCCs/Risk-Adjusted Population

We are helping our clients successfully manage their risk-adjusted population, which is increasingly important as reimbursement transitions from fee-based to value-based care. If you are involved in HCC capture, download this white paper now.

Why Do Leading Hospitals Choose UASI?


96% - 98% Accuracy Rate


UASI Managers have an average of 20+ years HIM Experience


100% Certified and Credentialed

What We Do

Full-service solutions for coding, health information management (HIM), clinical documentation and revenue integrity.

High-quality and hassle-free remote coding – secure, flexible and tailored to your needs

Reduce the risk of non-compliance and reap the rewards of quality

The proven source for HIM people and problem-solving

Move the needle with accurate, concise and timely clinical documentation

Revenue Integrity

A proven approach for clean, compliant claims and patient and payer satisfaction

Strategic Consulting

Clear plans and actionable insights for your biggest challenges and best opportunities

Who We Serve

UASI works with leaders of critical functions - addressing their most urgent
needs and getting ahead of emerging trends and strategic issues

Health Information Management

Fill your short-term gaps, engage the talent you need and reduce your backlog with proven HIM and coding resources.


Set a higher standard for quality and accuracy with experienced and accredited professionals.


Gain confidence in the accuracy and quality of coding and documentation with expert reviewers and consultants.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Drive to better clinical and financial outcomes and start the shift to value-based care.

Revenue Cycle

Understand the true cost of essential services and recover funds hidden by denials.

What Our Clients Say

We are proud of our many longstanding relationships and the loyalty our relationships have built.

"UASI helped us to get through a really difficult shortage and the summer. Having the extra assistance really gave my staff a much needed break from covering and allowed me to grant PTO where I otherwise would not have been able to."

Performance Improvement Specialist

Houston Methodist

"We have used UASI for several years and the service has always been excellent. It is a pleasure to work with this company."

Director of Health Information Management

Union General

Insights + Education

Our pros help your pros get better and stay current!

UASI Announces the Appointment of Kevin J. Cook to the Board of Directors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UASI May 15, 2023 UASI Announces the Appointment of Kevin J. Cook to the Board of Directors...
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Comparing Codes Across ICD Versions: Osteoarthritis

While implementation of ICD-11 in the US is likely years away, it is not too early to become familiar and...
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Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone (SIADH) CDI Scenario

April 2023 H&P: 67-year-old male sent to ER from Rehab with altered mental status and lethargy. Has been complaining of...
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