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White Papers:

HCCs/Risk-Adjusted Population

We are helping our clients successfully manage their risk-adjusted population, which is increasingly important as reimbursement transitions from fee-based to value-based care. If you are involved in HCC capture, download this white paper now.

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Education Resources:

Passport to HCCs: 2022 Update

This updated 2022 HCCs Passport included top documentation tips on UASI outpatient audit findings from clients across the country.

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Adult and Pediatric CDI Quality Documentation Tip Sheets

Developed by our subject matter experts, our quality documentation tip sheets cover Adult and Pediatric.

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White Papers:

Critical steps to improve your quality scores

With so many dfferent metrics and programs, healthcare organizations can be challenged to determine where they may be falling short. This paper will explain the various quality programs, challenges and best practices, and how you can improve your organizations quality ratings.

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