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Take Our 3-Minute Risk Adjustment Checkup.

We created the Risk Adjustment Checkup to determine where you are in the process of managing your risk-adjusted population.

Take three minutes and we'll email your results showing:
     1.) where you are along the Risk Adjustment Maturity Model.
     2.) key action steps to advance you in managing your risk-adjusted population.
     3.) top-line survey results to benchmark against.

New Risk-Adjusted Checkup

Gravity Forms version

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1. Have you stratified your population based on risk?*
2. Do you have a plan of care and/or are performing case management services based on the risk stratification?*
3. Do you have processes set up specifically to manage HCCs different from fee-for service?*
4. Which conditions are you capturing for patients with chronic conditions?*
5. Are you clear on the difference between the current RAF score and potential RAF score and the financial impact?*
6. Do you have a dashboard/tool to manage HCCs to always know a patient’s RAF score?*
7. Does your organization measure a few, clear KPIs related to risk adjustment?*
8. Do you realize the incentives that are available to you in managing alternative payment models?*
9. Have you aligned physician compensation model with the risk based model?*
10. Can you correlate your value-based processes with improved patient outcomes?*
Full Name*

All responses are confidential and individual responses will not be revealed. Participants will receive an email showing where you are along the Risk Adjustment Maturity Model and provide key steps to address your risk-adjusted population. We'll also include top-line survey results to benchmark against.
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