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Aspiration Fluid Biopsy of the Pubic Symphysis Joint – July 2022 Coding Tip

When an aspiration fluid biopsy of the pubic symphysis joint is performed, a guide needle is passed percutaneously under CT guidance into the pubic symphysis joint. Serous fluid is obtained for analysis. Per Coding Clinic, two codes are coded for this procedure in ICD-10-PCS.

  • 0Q933ZX: Drainage of left pelvic bone, percutaneous approach diagnostic
  • 0Q923ZX: Drainage of right pelvic bone, percutaneous approach, diagnostic, for aspiration biopsy of the pubic symphysis joint

There is no specific body part value for drainage of the “pubic symphysis joint.” Thus, the body part values “3” (pelvic bone, left) and “2” (pelvic bone, right) would be appropriate to code for this procedure. “When the physician describes the pelvic symphysis as the body part, assign codes for both the left and right pelvic bones.”1

Diagram of Pubic Symphysis Joint

1. Coding Clinic for ICD10-CM/PCS, First Quarter 2022

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