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2024 CMS Proposed ICD-10-CM Changes

On Friday, June 16, the proposed CMS ICD-10-CM diagnosis code changes were released. The diagnosis code set changes consist of 395 additions, 12 revisions and 25 deletions. The total ICD-10-CM codes proposed for FY 2024 is 74,044.

Other inclusions in the newly released proposal is a 2.8% increase in payments as well as increasing the severity designation of three SDOH codes describing homelessness.

Highlights from the proposed changes include:

New codes for Parkinson’s disease to increase tracking and progress.  Code additions include:

  • G20A1   Parkinson’s disease without dyskinesia, without mention of fluctuations
  • G20A2   Parkinson’s disease without dyskinesia, with fluctuations
  • G20B1   Parkinson’s disease with dyskinesia, without mention of fluctuations
  • G20B2   Parkinson’s disease with dyskinesia, with fluctuations

Thirty-four new codes related to the eyes:

  • Sickle-cell related retinopathy – 9 new codes
  • Muscle entrapment, different eye muscles – 21 new codes
  • Foreign body sensation – 4 new codes

Thirty-six new codes for osteoporosis with current pathological pelvic fracture:

  • These additions include age-related osteoporosis and other osteoporosis; and
  • Initial, subsequent and sequela
  • The subsequent treatment options include:
    • Healing, delayed healing, non-union, and malunion

The proposed code additions also include thirteen new codes for greater specificity in coding mammography findings. This specificity includes identification of:

  • Dense breasts
  • Fatty tissue density
  • Fibroglandular density
  • Heterogeneous density
  • Extreme density

Rounding out the new ICD-10-CM code proposals are 123 new external cause codes. These codes specify foreign body entering through a natural orifice. Specificity includes items such as:

  • Plastic object
  • Plastic toy
  • Plastic bottle
  • Glass
  • Sharp object
  • Magnetic object
  • Rubber band
  • Food
  • Needle
  • Knife

Once approved, these ICD-10-CM diagnosis code changes will take effect October 1, 2023.  Additional information can be found at: 2024 ICD-10-CM | CMS