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UASI Named Exceptional Performer in KLAS 2018 Outsourced Coding Report

As we’ve learned in the US healthcare industry, data matters.

Doctors need timely, objective information about patients’ vital statistics (and information about trends in those statistics) to make proper clinical decisions.

Likewise, healthcare leaders, policymakers and clinicians need timely, objective information about the performance of medical equipment, software and services, so that they can make well-informed decisions about what’s working and what isn’t.

KLAS Research is one organization that aims to provide healthcare organizations them with that information.

Just as the Joint Commission’s independent audits have become the industry standard for measuring clinical safety, the annual “Best in KLAS” reports have become the industry’s go-to source of information about the effectiveness of various offerings from healthcare vendors.

And that’s why UASI is excited to announce that UASI was named an “Exceptional Performer” in the medical coding category in KLAS 2018 Outsourced Coding report.

Independent research and analysis for decision making

The independent reporting model used by KLAS is based on a method by which clinicians, healthcare professionals and payers can anonymously share their experiences with vendors’ products and services.

KLAS directly collects this feedback, then uses that data to generate its annual performance scores across many different healthcare niches, including revenue cycle and coding solutions, electronic medical record (EMR) systems, medical imaging technologies and more.

That’s how KLAS reports have become powerful tools for decision making for hospital executives, medical practice and clinical leaders, business line managers, clinical managers, physicians and other healthcare stakeholders. Specifically, KLAS reports hey help them compare “apples-to-apples” value, set performance expectations, identify known issues and, ultimately, mitigate medical and financial risk. Additionally, KLAS shares its information back with organizations like UASI, to help vendors make their products and services more efficient, more cost-effective, easier-to-use and safer.

About UASI’s top-notch 2018 ranking

In its report released earlier this year, KLAS Research cited UASI’s stable of expert coders, extensive education program and strong management as factors which set us apart from our industry peers. The KLAS “Outsourced Coding 2018″ report is available here.

Our 2018 aggregate performance score was 93.1 — well above average (88.9) for the coding sector — making us, according to KLAS, one of the nation’s top-performing outsourced coding companies.

UASI scored above average in every one of the research organization’s five key metrics in the sector:

  1. Coding quality
  2. Coding productivity
  3. Quality assurance process
  4. Management of coders
  5. Scaling flexibility.

KLAS 2018 study also identified six key value-adds. UASI was a “top mention” in all six categories:

  1. Strategic partnering
  2. Leadership
  3. Flexibility and adaptiveness
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Extended education
  6. Cost structure and pricing.

UASI was the only company noted as a “Top Mention” in all these categories.

“It’s particularly gratifying to know we rank so high in performance and value, because KLAS scores reflect direct feedback from those healthcare professionals who are already partnering with us for their coding services,” said UASI president and CEO Ty Hare. “We are privileged to work with such a collaborative group of healthcare organizations.”

Among the most revealing comments from the respondents KLAS surveyed:

  • “UASI has a dedicated manager who is responsible for their operations. We communicate regularly with this manager. That person has been extremely helpful … UASI’s coders work as if they were a part of our team, . . . and the manager works with the management team. The manager does random audits on the coders to make sure they are meeting the quality standards.” —Administrative director of coding
  • “UASI is very flexible with scaling up or down according to our coding needs.” —HIM coding director
  • “We felt like UASI’s education processes set them apart from other coding firms. When we brought their coders in, we only needed to give them a single day of training to get them up to speed on our organization.” —HIM director

Would UASI be the right outsourced coding provider for your organization?

UASI offers a range of coding and support services that could improve your organization’s coding accuracy, billing efficiency and revenue stream.

And, if you’re ready to learn more, we’d love a chance to sit down with you and learn about your needs. You’ll find us flexible, knowledgeable and, above all, effective.

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