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Single-Path Coding Tip

Are you ready to take your coding to the next level?

What is single-path coding?

It is a coding process where the coder codes both diagnoses and procedures for professional fee services and facility services at the same time using single-path coding (dual coding).

It is performed by one coder who has the skill, knowledge, education and ability to code both professional and facility coding. This coding model can improve efficiency and productivity by streamlining and simplifying a new path for coding. It eliminates the duplication of work performed by two separate coders reviewing and coding the same record/encounter and creates a single-path coding workflow in which one coder is able to code and bill for both the facility and physician.

Organizational Benefits:

  • Increases Accuracy and Productivity
  • Decreases Denials
  • Reduces Costs

What does single-path coding mean for a coder?

  • Unique opportunity
  • Coder needs to be proficient in both facility and professional fee coding in order to concurrently code for both and process both entities
  • Learning different skill set which creates a specialized coder

Ahead of the Curve

UASI has developed and implemented an employee enhacement program to cross-train staff and develop a new workforce that has expertise in both facility (HB) and professional (PB) coding that can support single-path transitions.