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UASI is a leading national provider of mid-revenue cycle solutions that help healthcare organizations receive proper reimbursement for the care they provide. With nearly 40 years of experience in coding, clinical documentation integrity (CDI), and revenue integrity solutions, UASI staff members are the industry’s most experienced and credentialed professionals. UASI offers full-service consulting to create strategic solutions to drive coding and documentation quality improvements. https://www.uasisolutions.com

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Use of Additional Code – January 2023 Coding Tip

Use of Additional Code for Condition of Unspecified Type Coding Clinic Second Quarter 2021 addresses “unspecified” codes stating that “facilities...
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High Risk Diagnosis Codes and Risk Adjustment

High risk diagnosis codes are like any other ICD-10 code containing a series of letters and numbers. The letter provides...
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Comparing Codes Across ICD Versions: Hypertension

The WHO ICD-11 classification is very different from the 10th version that the United States modified to create the ICD-10-CM...
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