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Mary Stanfill, UASI

Mary H. Stanfill, MBI, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, FAHIMA Vice President Consulting Services

Mary Stanfill is Vice President of Consulting Services for UASI based in Cincinnati, OH.  Mary has over 35 years of experience in HIM, including nearly 20 years as a leader in the profession. Mary was part of the national HIM practice leadership team at AHIMA for nearly a dozen years, serving as the Vice President of HIM Practice Resources until 2011. During her time at AHIMA, she led AHIMA’s collaborative effort to investigate and develop best practices for computer-assisted coding. Mary holds a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Informatics from the Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Her master’s thesis was based on a systematic literature review of automated medical coding systems. Mary has published over 35 articles in industry journals and presented over 45 presentations nationally and internationally on multiple HIM topics. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in health informatics at the University of Texas School of Biomedical Informatics. Email: