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Extraction of Bone Marrow – January 2022 Coding Tip

ICD-10-PCS New/Revised Codes: Section 0 – Medical and Surgical: Extraction of Bone Marrow from Other Sites

In Table 07D, Extraction of Lymphatic and Hemic Systems, the body part value T Bone Marrow, has been added as shown below to identify when bone marrow is extracted from other sites, such as femur.

Body PartApproachDeviceQualifier
Q Bone Marrow, Sternum0 OpenZ No DeviceT Bone Marrow
R Bone Marrow, Iliac3 Percutaneous
S Bone Marrow, Vertebral
T Bone Marrow

Per Coding Clinic for ICD-10-CM/PCS, Fourth Quarter 2021 “Drainage is the correct root operation when bone marrow is aspirated to obtain bone marrow cells suspended in fluid. Extraction is the root operation for removal of a sample of solid bone marrow.”