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Fasciotomy for Compartment Syndrome


Postoperative diagnosis: status post polytrauma left lower extremity status post motorcycle accident with elevated...

Ischemic Stroke Therapy with tPA


A patient is presented to the ER with weakness and expressive aphasia and CT head reveals an ischemic infarct of the left...


A patient is admitted for a cholecystectomy and during the medical clearance the patient is diagnosed with "Stage A heart failure". The patient has hypertension,...

Impella® External Heart Assist Device


The Impella® heart pump is a temporary ventricular support device designed to provide hemodynamic support to a patient with depressed heart...


An elderly primigravida mother is admitted at term and has a normal spontaneous vaginal delivery. What ICD-10-CM code(s) would be assigned to this visit?


Hypertension, Diabetes and CKD

1. HTN & CKD


Scenario: A patient is admitted to University Hospital in cardiogenic shock due to an acute LAD blockage. The patient was taken to the cath lab where 2 lesions were found. One, in...


During an open posterior approach an interbody fusion with a PEEK cage at C6-C7 a complete resection of the cervical disc was performed and a ronguer was used to...

Scenario: How is viral sepsis coded?


A41.89 Other specified sepsis

B97.89 Other viral agents as the cause of disease classified...

Now that the code freeze has been lifted for FY 2017, check out our videos discussing the changes now in...



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