Concurrent Coding – Exploring the Concept

Medical Coding

In today’s healthcare industry, the standard, simple coding process is a thing of the past. Coding patient records has become quite complex; it is imperative that coding professionals not only work to capture the correct DRG (diagnosis-related group) assignment, but also accurate illness severity and mortality risk, as these factors directly impact organizations’ quality-based initiatives….

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Available Talent

UASI At A Glance

At UASI, we pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of our employees. Here is a snapshot of a few of our wonderful Coders and CDI Consultants coming available soon that can help your facility. Kiwanis: Pro-Fee Coder Codes a variety of E/M records including: inpatient pro-fee, outpatient pro-fee, clinics and multi-specialty. Multi-specialty experience includes:…

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