Coding Tip of the Month – February 2018

Hemodialysis Duration Three new duration values were added to code table 5A1, Physiological Systems, Performance, to capture the duration and continuity of hemodialysis procedures: 7 Intermittent – Less than 6 hours per day 8 Prolonged Intermittent – 6 – 18 hours per day 9 Continuous – Greater than 18 hours per day These new values…

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UASI in JAHIMA: “Bridging the Gap Between Coding Guidelines and Sepsis Clinical Criteria”

UASI Solutions

In the January 2018 edition of the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Health Information Management Association (JAHIMA), UASI corporate trainer Natalie Satori, MEd, RHIA, published an article that seeks to clear up some of the confusion surrounding clinical criteria, as they pertain to coding guidelines and clinical validation specifically for sepsis.

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